II Edition 2022-2023

20th May, 2023 – II Sea Film Festival Award Evening

The three finalists 

  • David Sánchez Carretero (Spain)-The same dream– Vincitore categoria MARINE ENVIRONMENT
  • Max Romey (United States) – If You Give a Beach a Bottle – Vincitore categoria LITERATURE and HISTORY
  • Stéphane Berla (France) – King of sea– Vincitore categoria MARITIME PROFESSIONALISM

The Four Honorable Mentions 

  • Leonardo D’Imporzano (Italy) – SeaLife in Cinque Terre
  • Erika Mioni (Italy) – Blue Paths
  • Valentina Bizzantino, Maria Matilde Fondi (Italy) – Coralli
  • Iris Vignola (Italy) – In that dying of the day and in the birth of the evening

The Award Winner

  • Stéphane Berla (France) – King of sea

II Sea Film Festival Award

II Sea Film Festival Promo